Foot plate with rotator


  • Material Metal
  • Format 40 x 40 cm
  • Colour black
  • Weight 5.4 kg
  • Includes Rotator, screw holes and a handle
  • Indoor/outdoor: Indoor and outdoor

2-5 days production / delivery

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Beachflag Anchor plate

Foot plate with rotator

Product description

Foot plate with rotator.  This base plate with rotator for beach flags is ideal to use: place it on a flat surface, put the beach pole on it and you’re done!

With the rotator, the flag rotates in the stand, making it less likely to wear out. Moreover, the message always remains visible.

Stable addition for beach flags

A base plate with rotator is always a stable addition for indoor and outdoor presentations. The metal base plate is 5.4 kg and has screw holes. That way you can put it on a wall.

The size is 40 x 40 cm and the black metal plate has a handle.

Weight 5500 g
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