How long does a flag last?

Did you know that a Premium flag lasts an average of 3-6 months with intensive use? After this period, flags often show some wear and the colors fade. 3-6 months does not seem like a long time, but imagine that in most cases the flag is simply hanging outside 24 hours a day, in all kinds of weather. That has quite an impact on the materials.

The lifespan of a flag does of course depend on the circumstances the flag has to deal with. Certain weather conditions, such as wind, sun and rain, play a decisive role in this. For example, if you live on the coast where there is more wind, a flag will last less than in a wooded area, where there is little wind. In addition, we advise you not to hang your flags and banners in the mast at wind force 6 or higher.

Flagpole – which flag and mast?

How do I determine the size of my flags or the desired height of my flagpole? In short, which flag and pole do I need? uses general rules of thumb for this: flagpole

2 or 3m :150 x 90cm or 150 x 100cm

4 or 5m :225 x 150cm or 250 x 150cm Pole length Flag straight format (W x L) Banner flag (W x L) (high format)

6 meters : 225 x 150 cm. 100 x 300 cm.

7 meters : 225 x 150 cm. 100 x 300 cm. or 120 x 350 cm.

8 meters : 300 x 200 cm. 100 x 400 cm. or 120 x 400 cm.

9 meters : 300 x 200 cm. 120 x 400 cm.

For standard flags, approximately 1/4 of the length of your mast.